Saturday, December 6, 2008



After wrapping up our national tour at the Henry Fonda , we decided to do a small intimate show with MAC WINSTON & THE REFLECTIONS at "3 Clubs" in Los Angeles. You should check them out, not only because Mac Winston is my cousin but they're also one of the best bands I've seen in Los Angeles.
DEC 4th
So we went to downtown LA for an interview with VLAZE, which is an online television program. We played 4 tracks that are gonna be featured on their website.
A really good photoshoot with Ilya Vatsky and Ayoub Qanir . you're gonna be blown away when you see it.
+ PLAYBOY did a review on our show at the Henry Fonda Theater. You can check it out here :

  • We've been partying a lot lately !!! Maybe we should take a little break ...
  • We're playing at a very exclusive club called BARDOT tomorrow night , try to make it to the show its gonna be a fun night. we go on around 12:30.

Have a good night
P.S: I know the tour finished but we're still gonna be updating this blog everyday so stay tuned