Thursday, November 27, 2008


All Pictures by : Keyvon Kianfar

Its 4:30 in the morning ..and I have no idea why I'm writing a blog right now...
As I'm writing this Jam is sleeping in front me snoring like my dead grandpa.

Its good to be back on tour again ...we had 5 days off and the last 2 days got really boring !
I have to admit : We're becoming/are addicted to The Sisters and playing shows with them every night !

San Francisco , you guys kick ass ! I was this close to dive into the crowd !
Hung out with The sisters at ...hmmm cant remember the name . But it was really fun . Felt like a family reunion.

+ Danced our asses of to NIN with Ben & Kami.

Highlight of the night: Me trying to dance like a goth chick ! Wish I had a video of that

Next Show: House of Blues Viva Las Vegas,NV

Good night.