Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hypernova's statment regarding current affairs in Iran

Hypernova issued this statement last week:

As most of the world casually observes the ongoing violent unrest in Iran that surrounds the protests calling for a new presidential election, members of New York City-based rock band Hypernova watch very closely and intently as their home country is torn apart. Lead singer Raam has issued the following statement regarding the events:

First off, let me say that my heart goes out to the all the brave people who have stood up to the oppressors in this uprising. The people in Iran have been robbed. The lives that have been lost in this revolt these past couple of days will not be in vain. What is happening in Iran is an historic event not only for Iran, but the world. This "open" movement is the first of its kind in the history of mankind all thanks to technology. Because of the internet, the people of the world are being exposed to the reality of the streets. The oppressive government is continuously trying to clean up after itself, resorting to senseless violence, obstruction of property and all sorts of propaganda. The people have had enough. They will not tolerate the injustices anymore.

Thanks to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the the people now have a voice. Every single person I have talked to is willing to risk their lives in the name of Freedom and Justice. The rest of the world has to follow the example of these brave people and stand strongly behind them so they don't give up. There is no going back from here. And I'm afraid to say this but, even though the opposition is growing every day and has taken a complete nonviolent stance, there will be blood on the streets. The ruthless anti-riot police will resort to any kind of violence. But as Jim Morrison once said: They got the guns but we got the numbers!!!!

We have to get the whole world united behind the Iranian people and let them know that they have our support. I also have contact to many journalists on the streets over there. If you know anyone who has witnessed anything please put them in touch with me so I can direct them to the proper people.

Our voices will be heard. We will not be silenced. The people shall prevail.

One love!
Viva La Resistance!!!!!!