Tuesday, May 12, 2009

...Written by a fan

I understood why I liked this music. It had enough substance to be memorable and compelling, but it didn't require so much from you that it left you with a deficit. It was an energizing, uplifting sound while still being negative enough to be artistically interesting. They really had been an appropriate opener for The Sisters of Mercy. There is always the danger that music that resonates on an emotional or primal level leaves the listener feeling drained. There was music that could stab me into oblivion in just a few notes, which had its place though I was less inclined to seek out that kind of recreational pain as I got older. Besides, few musicians have enough taste to make that kind of music without revealing themselves as the pretentious disaffected trying to sound profound. This music was none of that. It was plaintive and strong and drew a smile out of a dark place and made you feel better. I had felt the same way the first time I heard Nine Inch Nails when I was in junior high. I hoped, not for the first time, that Hypernova's music would reach people on a large scale. They, and their sound, deserved it

By Sarah/Cookie/boston/lust