Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Monday , November 10th
Weird night !!
Us and the sisters both put on great shows but there was just something wrong...
Maybe the fact that some of the crew members at the venue were just being racist assholes or I don't know, maybe I'm being too negative cause I have a really bad fever ! well, shit happens...Great crowd though !

It's a 6 hour drive from Florida to Georgia , so we decided to drive a few hours that night.Our tour manager had reserved a hotel room in Lake city,Fl so we could get some rest...

5:00 AM
After driving a couple of hours we finally got to the destination [according to the GPS] ...BUT THERE WAS NO #$^&@* HOTEL THERE !!!!!! In fact we realized that we were going the wrong way for the past 100 Miles !

Remember how there was always a deja-vu when something went wrong in the matrix ?
*Never navigate/Drive/take the Red pill/see how far the rabbit hole goes when you have a fever !*

Atlanta has some of the prettiest girls we have ever seen ! Sucks that I was not feeling well tonight [ Threw up 2 times after the show ] , Sorry if my energy wasn't as good as always Atlanta !
Ill make it up to you guys when we come back !

+One thing that we noticed in these concerts is that : Goth girls dance very cute !

Need to get some sleep , we'll add some videos and pictures later
[ Send us yours and we'll put it up/No Naked pictures please !!! ]

Good night and sleep well !